♥ Yammy Fish ♥

We have a very special dish on promotion this month, it is our latest additions to #AniseCreations - ‘Yammy Fish’.

Made with Chinese Yam – Taro, which is super healthy, it helps to relieve pressure on arteries, lower risk of developing diabetes and high levels of vitamin A, C, E, B6 and folate!!

This dish has its history going back to the Song Dynasty (960-1127)!! It was popularised during the 60’s in many vegetarian restaurants in Hong Kong where it is used to imitate sweet and sour fish.

Now we are going to popularise it in the UK by making it bite size and served with sweet chilli sauce.

Give it a try with an introductory price of £4 but be warned they can get addictive!

*Available to orders placed online at www.loveanise.co.uk or over the telephone.

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