At Anise our aim is to prepare Chinese cuisine that has advanced through thousands of years of evolution based on three simple essences 色, 香, 味, visual, aroma, taste.


The first contact of any kind with a dish is visual, that is how important its visual appeal is. To achieve visual perfectness, the basic ingredients must be the freshest possible and with the right presentation, the dish will become a visual feast!


Next comes the aroma, when the dish gets nearer, the fragrance will start coming into play. There are two things that will determine it's aroma, again the freshness of the ingredients and the techniques used by the chef. When the ingredients are fresh their natural fragrance will simply fills up the surrounding and when the right techniques are applied, it will literally explode out of the dish!


Last but not least, its taste. After such a massive build up the food finally enters the mouth with high expectations and this expectation must be met! This is the part where you can tell the difference between a good chef and a master chef, with the right technique, exact timing and most important of all 'heart', the chef will be able to turn the freshest ingredients into foods that can tickle every taste bud available in the human body and there are lots of them!

It is our mission and promise to bring our excellent food to your living room base on these simple but hard to achieve philosophies.


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