Osmanthus Nectar Rib Ends - 桂花蜜汁排骨

We have a refreshing addition to AniseCreations! Osmanthus Nectar Rib Ends - 桂花蜜汁排骨, perfect dish to the welcoming of spring.

Osmanthus are tiny flowers with a wonderful fruity fragrance, often use in tea or infused into desserts. When combined with some high quality honey, they create the most natural flavour that one can imagine!

Let’s not forget the Rib Ends, with it balance of meat and fat marbling which makes it tender and extra juicy! And the chewable cartilage bones releases an abundance of flavour.

Most important of all, it is at an introductory price of £3.50!

*Available to orders placed online at www.loveanise.co.uk or over the telephone.

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